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Schedule An Appointment

Use our form to let us know when you would like to schedule an appointment. One of our helpful staff members will contact you and let you know if that time works for our doctors.

Please do not get too personal on this form. If you need to give us more information then you can call us.

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To help provide timely service to our patients, we prefer to schedule all visits. If you are later than 15 minutes for your appointment, we will try to work you back into the schedule, or perhaps offer an appointment to you with another provider. Out of courtesy to our other patients, we may be forced to ask you to reschedule your appointment.

Sick Child Visits
We make every effort to schedule appointments for ill children on the day that you call us. Please call our office ahead of time so that we can minimize the time that you will spend waiting. If you have a medical emergency during office hours, we will do our best to see your child immediately or refer you to the appropriate facility.

Patients who walk in with a non-emergency condition will be fit into the existing schedule as best as possible, or they will be asked to return later in the day when the schedule allows.

Well Child Visits
To keep your children healthy, it is important to bring them in for regular checkups. We recommend that you call 1 month in advance so you may choose the date that best fits your needs.

We recommend well child visits at the following ages: Newborn, Ten Days, One Month, Two Months, Four Months, Six Months, Nine Months, Twelve Months, Fifteen Months, Eighteen Months, Two Years, and every year until 18 years old.

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