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Get Your Child Ready To Go Back To School

New School? Stress Less with these Transition Tips

Back to school time brings out lots of emotions in kids, excitement, anxiety and sadness that their summer break is over. But for kids transitioning to a new school, middle school or high school unfamiliar buildings, more students and more freedom can be extra challenging.  Parents of teens and school counselors say kids worry most about three aspects of the changes they’ll experience, logistics of the new school, keeping up academically and fitting in socially. Here are a few tried and true techniques that can ease the transition for both kids and parents.

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Get Your Child Ready For Kindergarten

Get Ready for Preschool and Kindergarten Now

Even though we’re enjoying fun summer activities it’s not too early to think about getting your little ones who are attending school for the first time prepped for success. There are lots of ways to build skills at home and many free programs to help. We talked to a long-time kindergarten teacher for tips and rounded up the best local resources to be sure your kids start out on a joyful path to learning.

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