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Get Your Child Ready For Kindergarten

Get Ready for Preschool and Kindergarten Now

Even though we’re enjoying fun summer activities it’s not too early to think about getting your little ones who are attending school for the first time prepped for success. There are lots of ways to build skills at home and many free programs to help. We talked to a long-time kindergarten teacher for tips and rounded up the best local resources to be sure your kids start out on a joyful path to learning.

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Practicing Mindfulness with Kids

There’s a simple way to help your child be happier, less anxious, more focused and compassionate; it’s called mindfulness. Here’s what you need to know about practicing mindfulness and sharing this valuable life skill with your children.

What It Is & Isn’t
Mindfulness is a practice that lets you see and understand the world right now, in the present. It’s about awareness; noticing feelings, thoughts, physical sensations and anything that’s happening around us. It’s without any judgments. There are no bad or good feelings, right or wrong, pretty or ugly, there just is. Mindfulness is not the same as meditation (though it may have stemmed from centering yourself during meditation), nor is it about turning your kids into little Zen-masters. They are after all kids and there still will be tantrums and more, but if you practice mindful responses (not reactions) to their actions, they’ll learn how much easier and pleasant their experiences in the world can be.

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